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Curbar Edge

Walk 14: The Four Edges

10 Miles | Moderate | 5 hours

A refreshing hike that takes in stunning views of Derbyshire, across and beneath four of its famous edges. There are excellent opportunities to spot wildlife such as Highland Cattle,...

Walk 13: Wolfscote Dale Wander

10 Miles | Moderate | 4 hours

A picturesque hike that takes you through two of the Peak District’s finest villages and finishes with a tranquil stroll through the stunning Wolfcote Dale, alongside the River Dove...

Burbage Edge

Walk 12: Rock Burbage Rocks

5 Miles | Moderate | 3 hours

A relatively short but rewarding walk that delivers impressive rocky terrain and stunning 360 views of the Peak District. ...

Jacobs Ladder

Walk 11: Up Grinsbrook, down Jacobs Ladder

10 Miles | Hard | 5 hours

Deep in serious hiker territory, Grinsbrook, Kinder Scout and Jacobs Ladder are musts for anyone who wants to experience the rugged, wilder side of the Peak District with a challenging...

Up Higger Tor

Walk 10: Hike Higger Tor, inc Stanage Edge

13 Miles | Hard | 6 hours

This epic hike rewards you with a taste of everything we love about the Peak District -  rugged edges, inspiring views, ancient woodlands, the sights and sounds of river...

Beeston Tor

Walk 9: Tour Beeston Tor

6.2 Miles | Moderate | 4 hours

A relatively short hike that takes you on an elevated tour of the glorious views and landmarks of the Manifold Valley. Admire the 18th Century Casterne Hall (a filming...


Walk 8: Grindsbrook Scramble

4 Miles | Hard | 3 hours

A short but challenging hike with a strenuous climb which rewards you with awesome views over the Vale of Edale, one of the most beautiful parts of the Peaks...

Mam Tor

Walk 7: Mighty Mam Tor

8 Miles | Hard | 4 hours

A great circular hike up one of the Peak Districts' most renowned, distinct landmarks, the mother of all hills; Mam Tor. The route includes a visit to the tranquil...


Walk 6: Hartington to Longnor

9 Miles | Moderate | 4 hours

A nice long walk which takes you on a journey through old, quaint English villages and across ancient lands, including the site where Pilsbury Castle once stood. Take in...

White Edge

Walk 5: The Three Edges

7 Miles | Moderate | 3 hours

One for peak-baggers, this exhilarating hike takes you across three of the Peak District's most famous edges. There are spectacular views over the hills and valleys, as well as...

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