Walk in Derbyshire is a resource of hiking routes and organised group walks around Derbyshire and the surrounding Peak District National Park.

Hiking Routes

Walk in Derbyshire has several hiking routes available to try. Each route contains essential information, including:

  • Current weather
  • Parking information
  • Map and Gradient
  • Downloadable GPX file
  • Written Guidance
  • Gallery

Route Essential Information

Each walk displays essential information including:

  • Distance: The distance of the walk measured in miles. Note that this measurement is as the crow flies, so you will likely walk further when carrying out the walk
  • Minimum Time: The minimum suggest time to complete the walk – this is for guidance only
  • Route File: GPX file of the route
  • Difficulty: Relative difficulty of the walk, taking into account distance, terrain and gradient. Easy walks are likely to be shorter and easier in comparison to a hard walk, which will be longer with tough terrain.


Each route page provides a general overview of each walk, but do not rely on it entirely to navigate. Always take a physical map and compass with you and make sure know how to use them. Hiking is generally safe, but there are always potential risks. Use common sense, plan your route beforehand and make a reasonable judgment at all times.

It’s highly recommended to download the accompanying GPX file to assist navigation. Don’t rely on this too heavily though, as electronic devices can fail (especially in cold conditions). It’s worth noting that the actual walking distance on the day is often more than the mileage stated on the GPX route due to us tending to wander/explore whilst out and about.

Group Walks

Throughout the year Walk in Derbyshire host group walks.

The walks have a relaxed, easy-going atmosphere and tend to attract people with a similar vibe. We are not strict on routine, although do try and keep people safe at all times. We’ve never had a bad group yet!

Derbyshire and the Peak District

Derbyshire and the wider Peak District is located centrally in England and covers more the 550 square miles. The park has incredibly stunning landscapes, from rocky edges to deep dales, reservoirs, viaducts, cycleways, and varied wildlife and habitats. The park has been shaped by people and nature over thousands of years.

The Dark Peak is situated in the northern half of the Peak District. Made mostly of gritstone, the area can be desolate and exposed, with sprawling heather moorland tops, and oak-birch woodlands. For that true ‘get away’ feeling, the Dark Peak is a must.

The White Peak is situated in the southern half of the Peak District. Made of mostly Limestone, the area is filled with river valleys, hills, slopes, and dales and is stunning at any time of the year.


Leigh Walker

Hi I’m Leigh, the creator Walk In Derbyshire. I’ve been walking in the Peak District National Park for over 30 years and have a huge passion for connecting with nature and hiking in the outdoors. I write up the all the walks for Walk In Derbyshire and am also the lead on our group hikes.

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