Dove Dale

Walk 2: Dales and Trails

Soak up the beauty and tranquillity of the River Dove with this healing hike that treats you to three gorgeous dales, two lovely villages as well as possibly the best river route we know. Bring your binoculars and look out for Kingfishers and resident Peregrine Falcons.

After descending into the edge of Dovedale, you walk alongside the River Dove through Wolfscote Dale, Beresford Dale, before heading to Hartington. From Hartington, you hike across the dales to Biggin, with the final leg of the walk giving you the opportunity to really get the legs moving along the old London and North Western Railway line that is now the Tissington Trail.

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  • Distance: 9 miles
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Minimum Duration: 4 hrs
  • Refreshments: PubCafe
  • Route: Download .gpx file
  • Start Grid Ref: SK 15687 56336


Free parking available on the A515 lay-by, DE6 1QS.


Derbyshire, UK

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Safety First

Please do not rely on this walking guide to solely navigate the hike. Always take a paper map and compass with you and make sure you know how to use them. Hiking is generally safe, but there are always potential risks. Use common sense, plan your route beforehand and make a reasonable judgment at all times.


  1. Leave the lay-by at the northern end, cross the A515 road, and head through the gate opposite up the grassy slope to the Tissington Trail.
  2. Continue left along the trail for about 300 meters until meeting a bridge.
  3. Take the footpath after the bridge on the right and head down the slope, coming back on yourself. Pass through two gates near the underside of the bridge.
  4. Follow the fingerpost (Bradbury Bank) from where the path eventually starts to descend towards the wood in the valley ahead. Go through a stile, heading downhill along the side of the bank. At the valley floor, turn sharp left proceeding down the valley with a wall on the right (it is also possible to take the parallel path on the opposite side of the wall).
  5. Continue down the valley, cross the stile as the terrain becomes rockier. Upon reaching the River Dove, turn right and proceed along Wolfscote Dale. Ignore the footbridge to the left (Coldeaton Bridge). Continue through the woods along the side of the River Dove. Ignore the next footbridge (Gypsy Bank) and after 20 meters pass through a stile in a wall.
  6. After 10 meters, pass through the gate. The trees are left behind as the landscape becomes more open. Continue, passing the entrance to Biggin Dale to the right. Pass through a wall stile.
  7. Continue forward and pass through a wall stile. Ignore the footbridge to the left and the track to the right. Pass through the gate and cross the path across the field leaving the river to the left. After the field is crossed go through a stile and across a footbridge, turning right into Beresford Dale with the river now to the right. Continue along the path until another footbridge is met. Cross the footbridge and continue through the wood, leaving the river to the left.
  8. At the edge of the wood, pass through a gate in the wall following the marker posts gently uphill. Continue forwards descending to pass through a gate in the wall. Heading gently uphill, pass the hillock to the right. At the top of the incline, go through a gate in the wall, cross the track and pass through the next gate in the wall. Continue along the path passing the cottages to the left, go through the metal gate, and down a few steps to the road at Hartington. Turn right heading into Hartington.
  9. Continue through Hartington staying with the footpath until a road junction is reached. Turn right into the road, Hall Bank, ascending steeply. Continue uphill passing YHA Youth Hostel. Ignore the track opposite Youth Hostel, proceeding for 250 meters to turn right, into the second track heading up the incline toward a single barn. Pass the barn, continuing forward, ignoring tracks on the left and right, descending, passing cottages to reach the minor road. Turn right, passing the entrance to Biggin Dale to the right. In 100 meters bear left at the road junction, proceed gently uphill towards Biggin.
  10. Continue straight up the road passing through Biggin until the Tissington Trail is reached at a bridge. Go through the gate on the left and up the slope to the trail. Turn left heading south. Continue along the trail until reaching the start point.
  • River Dove
  • Sun bean by River Dove
  • River Dove
  • Dove Dale
  • Dog in Dovedale
  • Rocky outcrop
  • River Dove
  • Wolfcote dale
  • River Dove Dovedale
  • Trails in Derbyshire

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  1. Siu Wan21st January 2023

    Hey Leigh, another fine walk here (family friendly) with amazing views and great having a pit stop at the pub in Hartington.

    1. Walk In Derbyshire21st January 2023

      Thanks so much. Glad you liked this one 🙂

  2. Shane30th January 2024

    Hi Lee
    We did this walk last year its a great circular walk and the pubs are worth the stomp alone!
    We are going to do this walk again as we are staying at Rivensdale Lodges which is right next to the starting point – Great!
    Great Website by the way.

    Big Cheers Shane and Vanessa ( Friends of The Gees!!) xx


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