Dove Dale

Walk 2: Dales and Trails, Dovedale

Total distance: 14046 m
Max elevation: 343 m
Min elevation: 200 m
Total climbing: 304 m


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A pretty walk that embraces three varied dales along the River Dove. The walk passes through the popular villages of Hartington and Biggin, offering the perfect chance to refuel. The final leg of the walk gives you the opportunity to really get the legs moving along the old railway line that is the Tissington Trail.

  1. Leave the lay-by at the northern end, cross the road and head through the gate opposite up the grassy slope to the Tissington Trail.
  2. Continue left along the trail for about 300 meters until meeting a bridge.
  3. Take the footpath after a bridge on the right and head down the slope. Pass through two gates near the underside of the bridge.
  4. Follow the finger posts uphill at first (Bradbury Bank) and then descend towards the wood in the valley ahead. Go through a stile, heading downhill along the side of the bank. At the valley floor, turn sharp left proceeding down the valley with a wall on your right.
  5. Continuing down the valley, cross the stile as the terrain becomes more rocky. Upon reaching the River Dove, turn right proceeding along Dovedale. Ignore the footbridge to the left (Coldeaton Bridge). Continue through the woods along the side of the River Dove. Ignore the next footbridge (Gypsy Bank) and after 20 meters pass through a stile in a wall.
  6. After 10 meters pass through the gate. The trees are left behind as the landscape becomes more open. Continue forward, passing the entrance to Biggin Dale to the right. Pass through a wall stile.
  7. Continue forward and pass through a wall stile. Ignore the footbridge to the left and the track to the right. Pass through the gate and cross the path across the field leaving the river to the left. After the field is crossed go through a stile and across a footbridge, turning right into Beresford Dale with river now to the right. Continue along the path until another footbridge is met. Cross the footbridge and continue through the wood, leaving the river to the left.
  8. At the edge of the wood, pass through a gate in the wall following the marker posts gently uphill. Continue forwards descending to pass through a gate in the wall. Heading gently uphill, pass the hillock to the right. At the top of the incline, go through a gate in the wall, cross the track and pass through the next gate in the wall. Continue along the path passing the cottages to the left, go through the metal gate and down a few steps to the road at Hartington. Turn right heading into Hartington.
  9. Continue through Hartington village staying with the footpath until a road junction is reached. Turn right into the road, Hall Bank ascending steeply. Continue uphill passing YHA Youth Hostel. Ignore track opposite Youth Hostel, proceeding for 250 meters to turn right, into second track heading up the incline toward a single barn. Pass the barn, continuing forward, ignoring tracks the left and right, descending, passing cottages to reach the minor road. Turn right, passing the entrance to Biggin Dale to the right. In 100 meters bear left at the road junction, proceed gently uphill towards Biggin.
  10. Continue straight up the road passing through Biggin until the Tissington Trail is reached at a bridge. Go through the gate on the left and up the slope to the Trail. Turn left heading south. Continue along the trail until reaching the start point.


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