Curbar Edge

Walk 14: The Four Edges

Total distance: 16162 m
Max elevation: 371 m
Min elevation: 187 m
Total climbing: 410 m


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A decent hike that takes in stunning views of Derbyshire, across and beneath four of its famous edges; Curbar Edge, Froggatt Edge, White Edge and Birchen Edge. There are excellent opportunities to spot wildlife; Highland Cattle, Wild Deer and Curlews just to name a few. There are also two pubs on route for that touch of light refreshment.

  1. From the main car park next to the Robin Hood Inn, turn right down Baslow Road heading towards Baslow. Continue along the road for about 200 meters until reaching a stile in the wall on the right. Cross the stile and ascend up over the moorland for about 1/2 mile until reaching a wooded area.
  2. Continue through the wooded area for a further 1/2 mile, descending towards Sheffield Road.
  3. Cross over the road and head through the gate opposite. The path descends down from where you cross a brook and, once again, begin to ascend.
  4. Continue on the path as you climb up through the wood for about 1/2 mile. Turn right when the path eventually joins another path, climbing to the top of the open moorland.
  5. Continue north on the path, heading past the Eagle Stone.
  6. Cross the road and continue along the path with Curbar Edge to the left. Be sure to check the stunning rock formations and views down over the valley.
  7. Curbar Edge drops down a short rocky decline to Froggatt Edge. Eventually open moorland will meet a wooded area at a gate. Continue forward until meeting the road.
  8. Turn right and head up the road. After about 50 meters, cross the road and head over the stile in the fence. Head down the path, cross the stream and up the bank, reaching the car park.
  9. Continue along the path through The Haywood trees with the car park to the immediate right. After passing the car park, continue and after about 100 meters, turn right through the gate in the wall, crossing diagonally up the field towards the Grouse Inn pub – the perfect time for refreshments.
  10. From the pub, turn left up the road for 30 meters or so. Cross the road and head through the stile up towards White Edge in the distance.
  11. After crossing another stile, head through a small crop of trees until meeting another path. Turn right and continue for about half mile until reaching the main path which heads right along White Edge.
  12. Walk along White Edge for roughly 1.5 mile. Look out for wild deer that can often be seen on the open moorland.
  13. Towards the end of White Edge, continue forward until reaching Clodhall Lane.
  14. Turn left along Clodhall Lane until meeting Sheffield Road for the second time.
  15. Cross Sheffield Road, head through the gate and ascend up the path towards Birchen Edge.
  16. Stay on the path skirting below Birchen Edge until meeting the starting point car park.

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