Walk 8: Grindsbrook Scramble

A short but challenging hike with a strenuous climb which rewards you with awesome views over the Vale of Edale, one of the most beautiful parts of the Peaks.

Starting with a steep ascent, you touch the edge of Edale Moor and skirt along the narrow path overlooking the valley, before eventually heading back down into Edale via Grinslow Knoll. There is the conveniently placed Old Nags Head pub at the end of the walk to reflect on your mini achievement over some well-deserved refreshment.


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Derbyshire, UK

Parking Location/Start

Map and Gradient

Total distance: 4.08 mi
Max elevation: 583 m
Min elevation: 241 m
Total climbing: 353 m


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Safety First

Do not rely on the guidance below to soley navigate the hike. We highly recommend downloading the accompanying GPX file and loading it into a navigation device/app. Always take a physical map and compass with you as backup, and know how to use them. Take care out there.


  1. From the car park, turn right heading north along Marys Lane, passing the Old Nags Head pub.
  2. After about half a mile from the car park, turn right following the fingerpost signed Grindsbrook.
  3. Cross the bridge and head left onto the well defined slabbed path.
  4. Continue along the path for about 1.5 miles, ascending up Grindsbrook.  Note that the well-defined path becomes less so and much rockier. Some scrambling may be necessary.
  5. Once at the top on Edale Moor, signified by a large cairn, turn left along the path towards Grindlow Knoll.
  6. Continue along the path from where it eventually descends back into Edale, bringing you out at the Old Nags Head pub.
  7. After refreshments, head south back along Marys Lane, retracing your steps back to the car park.

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