Mam Tor

Walk 7: Mighty Mam Tor

Total distance: 11997 m
Max elevation: 570 m
Min elevation: 202 m
Total climbing: 529 m


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A glorious circular hike up one of the Peak Districts’ most distinct landmarks, Mam Tor.

  1. Ascend up Pindale Road for about 50 meters, then head over the stile on the right.
  2. Follow the path that roughly follows the river, crossing over several fields, all the way to Castleton.
  3. Head through Castleton following the main road until meeting the mini island.
  4. At the mini island, turn left and walk for about 200 meters with the stream on the right.
  5. Ascend up Goosehill Road. Continue through the gate at the end and follow the path alongside the wall until meeting the main road again next to Speedwell Cavern.
  6. Cross over the road and head through the stile following the path to Treak Cliff Cavern.
  7. Continue past Treak Cliff Cavern, following the path as it ascends to the next Cavern; Blue John.
  8. Head up to towards the main road, turn left and walk for about 300 meters until meeting the gated stile on the right.
  9. Head through the gated stile and walk up towards the foot of Mam Tor.
  10. Upon meeting the road, head through the gated stile and make the ascent up Mam Tor. Be sure to enjoy the glorious views at the top.
  11. Continue along the path following the Great Ridge for about 1.5 miles, passing Hollins Cross, until meeting Back Tor.
  12. Rather than continuing along the path up Back Tor, head over the stile on the right and head through Brocker Booth Plantation.
  13. Continue on the path for about 500 meters until it eventually turns right and begins to descends.
  14. After the cottage, turn right on the final descent back to Hope.


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