Stanage Edge

Walk 4: Striding Stanage Edge

The beautiful cafe-laden village, woods, open rolling hills and a big old edge – what’s not to love? One of our favourite places, the stunning Stanage Edge, must be experienced at least once. A classic circular ramble with enough variety and serenity to soothe the soul. Look out for Robin Hoods cave on route.

Starting at Hathersage you will hike across open fields, passing Brookfield Manor and heading through woods towards Stanage Edge. After enjoying the long walk along the edge you loop back via North Lees.

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  • Distance: 7 miles
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Minimum Duration: 4 hrs
  • Refreshments: PubCafe
  • Route: Download .gpx file
  • Start Grid Ref: SK 23135 81387

Parking Location

Paid parking available on Odd Fellows Road, S32 1DD.

Weather Forecast

Derbyshire, UK



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Safety First

Please do not rely on this walking guide to solely navigate a hike. Always take a map and compass with you and make sure know how to use them. Hiking is generally safe, but there are always potential risks. Use common sense, plan your route beforehand and make a reasonable judgment at all times.


  1. From the village centre, head north out of Hathersage along Baulk Lane.
  2. Continue along Baulk Lane, towards open fields, passing through two gates and Brookfield Manor on the left.
  3. Upon reaching Birley Lane, cross straight over and walk up the field towards the wood with Stanage Edge in the distance.
  4. After entering the wood, follow the path until a footbridge is reached, turn left over the bridge, following the path up through the wood.
  5. Open fields are reached again. Continue forward crossing through two gates until a wall is reached with a stile near a farm.
  6. Cross the stile until an opening in a wall is reached with a fingerpost, turn left and immediately pass through a gate near cottages. After 20 meters turn right, then pass through a gate into a wooded area, then cross another stile continuing forward with a wall on the right.
  7. Pass through a gap in the wall and continue forward with the wall now on the left.
  8. Cross a step stile in a high wall, continuing forward across a field until a road is reached. Turn left and continue along the road crossing a cattle grid, heading for a small copse with a parking area.
  9. At the parking area, the road bends left. Turn right to take the track, with Stanage Edge in the immediate distance.
  10. Continue up the gradient towards the top of Stanage Edge. Take the path leading off to the right to follow the edge of the escarpment.
  11. Continue along the edge for about 2.5 miles, crossing a stile in a fence and a crossing through a wall, heading towards Hollin Bank car parking area near a T junction in the distance.
  12. Almost opposite the car parking area, take a well-defined path leading off the edge to the right and down to the road, then turn right.
  13. After about 750 meters, turn right at the road junction, then after 200 meters, leave the road for the track on the left leading into the wood.
  14. Continue along the track, cross through a gate and field towards North Lees.  Pass through a gate, down stone steps then turn left down the walled lane with North Lees on the right.
  15. Continue down the open lane with the wall on the right.  Reaching the road, turn right for 300 meters, then turn left for the gate to Brookfield Manor, retracing your route back to Hathersage.
  16. Upon reaching the allotment plot, head directly through the centre of it.  Follow the stream, passing the cricket pitch and back into Hathersage.

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